The Twilight of the Idols / The Antichrist | Friedrich Nietzsche

The Twilight of the Idols / The Antichrist | Friedrich Nietzsche

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“The Twilight of the idols” and “The Antichrist” both in one volume.

From "A Thousand Books of Fame Series" published by Ragnar Redbeard, Archive & Publisher

The most extraordinary and most destructive assault upon the citadel of “Christian Principles” that we have ever read. It analyzes and assails Christian tradition. Christian philosophy...

    Nevertheless Nietzsche is not an “agnostic” — not a “materialist” — not a “rationalist” — not a “free thinker”, because he is more than any of these and includes them all. In logic, eloquence, profundity, historicity and clearness of statement he far out classes Ingersoll, Paine, Voltaire and Renan. He is a thousand miles beyond any of them. Compared with Nietzsche, they are back numbers and little better than methodists.

    Did not Ingersoll praise “Jesus the man” as a noble and beautiful character; and what is such blind and thoughtless adulation but another name for “worship”?

    The real fact is that the personality of Jesus was utterly ignoble. There was nothing grand or glorious in anything he said or did. Everything he taught and everything he wrought was faithless and delusive. He was a defamer of all things bold, manly, aggressive and natural. There was no truth in him. His brain was as base as his birth, and he hated all men with iron in their blood.

    After you read “THE ANTICHRIST” you will say to yourself that there were no iconoclasts till Nietzsche came.


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