Red in Pen and Claw | The Meanest Reviews of Green Anarchy

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A collection of reviews from the journal Green Anarchy. Saddle stitched booklet with "blood splatter" cover.

from the back cover:
Rotn and Staplecide and back! And this time to passive resistance!
They've come down from those Kalikak hills, those hills with eyes, to bring for critiques of anarchist orthodoxy. They bring forth anarch heterodoxy, spitting primal rage. These are the meanest reviews from Green Anarchy, from 2002 through 2008. They were calling you out on your bullshit twenty years before you adopted your AI designed NPC ideology. So travel back in time, to first blood lust against bad actors.
The majority of these reviews were written by Rotn & Staplecide, but a few others pop in to say hi.
Published by the Campaign to Play for Keeps.

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