La "Bande à Bonnot" (The Bonnot Gang) | Albert Meltzer | SA1145

La "Bande à Bonnot" (The Bonnot Gang) | Albert Meltzer | SA1145

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The Bonnot Gang (La Bande à Bonnot) was a French criminal anarchist group that operated in France and Belgium during the Belle Époque, from 1911 to 1912. Composed of individuals who identified with the emerging illegalist milieu, the gang used cutting-edge technology (including automobiles and repeating rifles) not yet available to the French police.

This facsimile of La "Bande à Bonnot" was made from a second-generation copy of the circa 1969 Solidarity Bookshop Publications edition. It is part of the Stand Alone journal project, published by

The authorship is attributed to "Ezra Brett Mell", though this is an anagram of the name of the real author, Albert Meltzer.

The back cover features a period advertisement and IWW printers bug/union label.

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