The Match | Issue 121 | Fall 2020

The Match | Issue 121 | Fall 2020

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The Fall 2020 issue of this long-running hand-made journal. No Computers have ever been used in the production of this, one of the oldest Anarchist journals in America. In  a surprising turn, it stopped calling itself anarchist a few years ago during a summer of violent anti-free-speech riots by Anarchists.

Fred Woodworth is an anarchist and atheist writer based in the United States. He is an anarchist without adjectives, saying: "I have no prefix or adjective for my anarchism. I think syndicalism can work, as can free-market anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-communism, even anarcho-hermits, depending on the situation. But I do have a strong individualist streak. Just plain anarchism—against government and authority—is what I'm for."

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