A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors.

A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors.

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Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism
Edited by Kevin I. Slaughter

Underworld Amusements has released a compilation of Essays and Aphorisms on Egoism, edited by Kevin I. Slaughter. The writings collected here are from the contemporaries of Ragnar Redbeard, radical thinkers who went against the herd with all their might. They upheld themselves as Gods, all other concerns come after that. Blasphemous, mocking and visceral, they are the children of Nietzsche, Stirner and Thoreau. Though often overlapping with Anarchists, they are too individualistic for many so-called anarchists who are often just Socialist-minded egalitarian Utopians.


DEFINITION Definitions of Egoism & Altruism

THE PHILOSOPHY OF EGOISM The Philosophy of Egoism -James L. Walker Biographical Sketch of James L. Walker -Henry Replogle

QUOTES, APHORISMS, MAXIMS Testimony of the Apostles of Egoism Egoism as Taught by Thoreau Via Hellorosa The Eagle & The Serpent Wisdom & Wickedness of La Rochefoucauld Wisdom & Wickedness of Chamfort Flashes of Lightning from Nietzsche

ESSAYS, EPISTLES, ASSAULTS Nietzsche on Atheism, Pessimism, Schopenhauer -Translated by Thomas Common Darwinism In Sociology: A Reply to Nietzsche’s Critics. -Thomas Common The Land of the Altruists: A Parable for the Infant Class. -John Beverley Robinson Why Women Need Egoism -Fraulein Lepper An Apppreciation of Stirner -John Henry Mackay That Blessed Word Altruism -John Erwin McCall Aeschylus at Marathon: Are We Saved by Love or by Hate? -John Erwin McCall The Religion of Egoism: A Prayer for More Bitterness. -John Erwin McCall

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