Fulminations: Caustic, Cosmic, Capricious | DeCasseres | Hardback + Extra | Ltd.Ed.13

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“Moses came down from Horeb with a light on his face. I came back from the Peaks of Renunciation and the Himalayas of Pure Intelligence with a leer on my face—a leer and a menace, and a sword in my hand—a red sword, a poisoned sword, a sword tempered in lightnings and blessed with my blasphemies.” -Benjamin DeCasseres
“DeCasseres is the most fiery and independent writer that I know of.” —Remy de Gourmont “(DeCasseres has) the verve and the transcendental courage of the old American free-lancers, the Emersons, Thoreaus, Mark Twains and Whitmans.” —George Santayana “(DeCasseres’) essays are the poetry of utter philosophy…” —Jack London
This limited hardback edition includes The Thinker, a 78 page collection of facsimile essays originally published in the journal of the same name. These essays are otherwise not available outside of those original journals.
This single volume contains all the bombastic essays and visionary observations that were originally published in four different volumes of this mirthful imp’s writing. From his first book of essays Chameleon: Being a Book of My Selves (1922) through his aphoristic and quotable The Muse of Lies (1936) to both parts of the rare Saint Tantalus (1936 & 1938), this collection cover great swaths of time, space, philosophy and art.

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