The Universe: A Mirror of Itself | Peter Lamborn Wilson

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From the book: "We might well emphasize certain aspects of his [Fourier's] social teaching which possess an almost eery resonance with our own contemporary politique. The Harmonian Way still overflows with potential for enriching our post-Situationist, post-dada, post-anarchist epistemology, 'pataphysical driftwork, poetic terrorism, TAZ-praxis, etc...." This pamphlet was presented by the Author in its entirety at the First Conjuntion of the Bender Hollow Phalanx & "G" School Association during the 1992 Dreamtime Corroboree, Dreamtime Village WISCONSIN.
Utopian poetics: the question of aesthetics and the role of art. In Harmony, although some will be more "creative" and others less so, clearly a condition will be realized which the Situationists called "the suppression and realization of Art" - a reflection of the paleolithic "shamanic democracy" in which "everyone" is an "artist". Fourier anticipated 12-tone music and the "happening" (the "Museum Orgy", in which the phalansterians pose and perform erotic skits for each other); his style pre-shadows Surrealism and its later successors; his theory of Analogies virtually IS surrealism; and his vision of the Opera as total art-work not only preceeds that of Wagner but also Breton, Artaud, and even Joseph Beuys, Fluxus, Neoism, etc., etc.
Peter Lamborn Wilson founded The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade on Pacifica Radio; taught many years at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University; and is a long-time member of the Autonomedia publishing collective in Brooklyn, New York. Author of Angels: An Illustrated Study (Thames & Hudson); Sacred Drift: Essays on the Margins of Islam (City Lights); "Shower of Stars": Dream & Book in Sufism & Taoism (Autonomedia); etc. He lived in Tehran, London and Manhattan before moving to upstate New York at the fin de siécle.

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