Hakim Bey: Real and Unreal | Th. Metzger

Hakim Bey: Real and Unreal | Th. Metzger

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The hagiography of Hakim Bey by friend and fellow Moor, Th. Metzger.

"He emerged from a cloud of smoke in a caftan and fez: half magus and half mirage. In that moment, the power and allure of Moorish regalia was fully revealed. The fez, or tarboosh, is a brimless cone-shaped flat-crowned hat usually with a tassel. Proudly worn by Hakim Bey, it was both symbol and sorcery. No one (not even Boris Karloff in The Mummy) did more to make the fez the headgear of the supernally hip. [...] When next I visited, Hakim Bey happily showed off a Snakes and Ladders game a friend had found for him in a resale shop."

Hakim Bey, born Peter Lamborn Wilson in 1945, is an American anarchist, poet, and essayist known for his unconventional and provocative ideas. He gained prominence for his influential concept of "Temporary Autonomous Zones" (TAZ), which explores spaces of temporary liberation from societal norms and structures. Bey's works often blend elements of mysticism, anarchism, and countercultural philosophy. He is also recognized for his contributions to the fields of Sufism and Islamic mysticism. Bey's writings have sparked discussions on autonomy, rebellion, and alternative social formations. His unique perspective continues to inspire thinkers and activists across various disciplines.

Thom Metzger, also known as Th. Metzger, is a versatile figure hailing from western New York State, often referred to as "The Burnt Over District." Under the pen name Leander Watts, he has authored five young adult novels, drawing inspiration from both the occult heritage of his region and his musical background. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has contributed his talents to various bands, including Health and Beauty, Mongo Fury, and The Invisible Stain Removers. Metzger's diverse pursuits encompass writing, music, and teaching. He spent nearly three decades instructing writing in the State University of New York system. His wide-ranging interests span from shape note singing to glam rock, jazz, and four-dimensional geometry. Additionally, Metzger is the founder of the Ziggurat Lodge of the Moorish Orthodox Church, where he plays a pivotal role in preserving this esoteric tradition.

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