Motel Bizarre: Tales from the No-Tell Motel | Stephanie Crabe

Motel Bizarre: Tales from the No-Tell Motel | Stephanie Crabe

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Introduction by Christopher Mealie
208 pgs. | 8.25”x10.5″

“We wish you to feel at home while here. All equipment was carefully checked on your arrival. Your license number is on record here. Use hot water sparingly. We reserve the right to eject without notice any objectionable person.
Do not throw waste material of any kind in the toilet bowl. Thank you. Call again. The Management. P.S. We consider our guests the finest people of the world.”
Lolita, Nabokov

Motels have always been a haven for the more adventurous types, and this high-minded book has the low-down on just that. Through skillfully arranged and photographed scenarios you will find yourself looking through the eyes of that “fly on the wall” you’ve always been curious about. The beds in Motel Bizarre may not talk, but we’ve done all the dirty work for you.
Here’s entertainment for open minds and ticklish spines. Here’s lusty, merry recreation for unsqueemish men and women. Here’s life with apologies to none.
An ideal bedside companion.

Stephanie Crabe was born in, and currently resides in the beautiful state of New Jersey with her 2 cats and her boyfriend.
She is a graduate of School of Visual Arts Photography program in New York. She has worked extensively in the art and photo industry and as a designer, getting her start by dressing the windows at Trash and Vaudeville. At a very young age she fell in love with photography when her father took her to art shows by Weegee and Diane Arbus.
Her work has been exhibited throughout New York, New Jersey and in Baltimore.
When she is not photographing motels, she is on the look-out for vintage kewpie dolls and ouija boards.


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