The Nietzsche Movement in England | Oscar Levy | SA1095 | Ltd. Ed. 66

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"Let unholy hands keep aloof from inspired writings, let the laity believe in their old religions and their new philosophies, and let Nietzsche be the philosopher for those only who have to stand alone, but who for this very reason need an example and perhaps a guide more than any other." —Oscar Levy, "The Nietzsche Movement in England" From Stand Alone Journal: The Nietzsche Movement in England: A Retrospect, A Confession, and a Prospect by Oscar Levy. This booklet contains a sketch of the figures that introduced and often propagandized the German philosopher's work to the Anglosphere. Oscar Levy oversaw the translation of the first complete edition of Nietzsche's works into the English language, working with Thomas Common, Anthony Ludovici and others, whom he writes about here.

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