Selected Essays | Laurance Labadie | Libertarian Broadsides No. 7

Selected Essays | Laurance Labadie | Libertarian Broadsides No. 7

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edited by: James J. Martin
size: 5.5×8.5″ | pages: 76

Astute commentaries on a wide range of topics by a self-taught working man, covering nearly 40 years, in the tradition stretching from Josiah Warren, Benjamin R. Tucker, and P. J. Proudhon to contemporary individualist libertarian tenden­cies. Introduction and two appendices by James J. Martin.

The “Libertarian Broadsides Collection.” was published by Ralph Myles Publisher, Inc. between 1967 and 1978. Edited by James J. Martin, these booklets were a serialized series of booklets reprinting (then) rare individualist/egoist tracts paired with new prefatory and editorial material.

This is not a facsimile but an "as new old stock" booklet from the estate of James J. Martin. While these are new and unread, some may show discoloration from being more than 30 years old.


  • Introduction by James J. Martin 5
  • Anarchism Applied to Economics 19
  • Economics of Liberty 22
  • Reflections on Socio-economic Evolution 24
  • What Is the Educational Problem? 27
  • Education—What For? 30
  • Regarding Man’s Concern With Truth 32
  • “All the World’s a Stage” 35
  • Consideration of Some Basic Sociological Truths 36
  • On Man’s Thinking 43
  • Excerpts From a Letter to a Friend Apropos Human Rights 47
  • Origin and Nature of Government 51
  • War—What For? 52
  • From Nowhere to the Garbage Heap 54
  • Comment on the Proposals of Some Modern Saviors About Avoiding the Menace of Atomic War 56
  • What Is Man’s Destiny? 61
  • Appendix I 67
  • Appendix II 75

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