The Match | Issue 123 | Winter 2021 - '22

The Match | Issue 123 | Winter 2021 - '22

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The winter 2021-'22 issue of this long-running hand-made journal. No Computers have ever been used in the production of this, one of the oldest active anti-authoritarian journals in America. 

"Published since 1969, this journal exists solely to criticize authoritarian society and religion in order to argue for the many humane advantages of freedom and rationality. We are not affiliated with any group or organization."

Fred Woodworth is a writer based in the United States that rejects the "sacred" authorities of church and state. He has referred to himself, in the past, as an anarchist without adjectives, saying: "I have no prefix or adjective for my anarchism. I think syndicalism can work, as can free-market anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-communism, even anarcho-hermits, depending on the situation. But I do have a strong individualist streak. Just plain anarchism—against government and authority—is what I'm for."

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