Man-Eating and Man‑Sacrificing | Anon. (1885), Slaughter & Blake | SA1217

Man-Eating and Man‑Sacrificing | Anon. (1885), Slaughter & Blake | SA1217

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Underworld Amusements is proud to present the latest edition of the Union of Egoists' Stand Alone journal: Man-eating and Man-sacrificing! 

Originally published uncredited in Charles Dickens’ journal All the Year Round Number 868 (July 18, 1885), "Man-eating and Man-sacrificing" was discovered while researching the reference material used by Arthur Desmond in writing his infamous book Might is Right. It heavily informs Chapter 4, “Man—The Carnivore!”

While Might is Right is often dismissed as a mere “rant” or “screed,” it was only in tearing the book apart sentence-by-sentence that the actual depth of literary references and allusions was discovered. Many sources were tracked down for innumerable, often uncited, references. All of these have been documented in Might is Right: The Authoritative Edition, and this booklet, featuring a short Afterword by Trevor Blake and Kevin I. Slaughter, is a means to provide the curious with the full context of one of those uncredited citations, first noted in AMiR 4.1:3n2*. 

Stand Alone is a mixed medium and format journal produced at irregular intervals. The focus is Egoism and the individuals associated with it. Produced by the Union Of Egoists with individual issues published by different sources.

*Might is Right: The Authoritative Edition, Chapter four, section one, paragraph three, note two.

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