Great Man Theory | Trevor Blake

Great Man Theory | Trevor Blake

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Author: Trevor Blake
Publisher: mogtus-sanlux
Pages: 92 Size: 5.25x8"
Release date: March, 2024 ISBN: 978-1944651343

History is the echo of individual men who have shouted. I have hummed the tune of Great Man Theory so that you may recognize it when you hear it. Look for Great Men, be worthy of them for your own sake. Turn away from the grey pool of the mob, with only slick oils on its surface to give it any distinction. Look up the mountain.

Trevor Blake (b. 1966). Formerly bookseller, social worker, American Sign Language / English interpreter. Appraiser of rare books and archives; publisher; author. His book Confessions of a Failed Egoist (Underworld Amusements, 2014) was the first book collecting his writing. He has edited and contributed to dozens of other books and periodicals.

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