The Red Sect | Enzo Martucci | SA1257

The Red Sect | Enzo Martucci | SA1257

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This memoir vividly recounts the trials and tribulations of a man unyielding in his battle against collective illusions. Enzo Martucci, imprisoned by fascists and hunted by communists, personifies the Stirnerian concept of the singular individual who defiantly confronts the illusions propagated by church, state, and society. It represents the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to illegalist anarchism, now available in English translation for the very first time.

"The radical transformation of life, the great metamorphosis I aspired to, could not be realized in reality because the crowds were gregarious, they could not exist without a shepherd, and they would not send him away except to put themselves under the tutelage of another. I should no longer hope for the social Muspell from whose flames the heroic youth of the unique one would be born, but rather consider anarchy as the eternal revolt of the irreducible individual against all societies that succeed in history. I had to understand that the Promethean exception is destined to fight not only the states and the authorities but also the conservative instinct of the crowds lying in a millennium-old habit of laziness. I had to-in the extreme resolution of my tragic despair-accept this eternal struggle of the reprobate against everyone and become intoxicated with the nepenthe that drips from its bosom." -from The Red Sect

"Martucci was one of those wild, outlaw, Italian insurrectionary anarchists in the circle of Novatore. This is his anti-communist manifesto. The first third of the book is a theory oriented critique of communism, with some harsh judgments. But fair, true, and incisive judgments. Early on he makes the distinction between reactionary anti-communism and anarchist anti-communism. The last 2/3 is a memoir of his nasty interactions with communists during his insurrectionary period, which really demonstrate how vile some of them were. I proclaim that everyone needs to buy a copy of this book to give to their anti-communist uncle. Please report on his mental status following completion of this wonderful book. A must read." -Asymmetrical Anti-Media Issue 17

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