Der Geist: The Journal of Egoism from 1845 to 1945  | Issue 1

Der Geist: The Journal of Egoism from 1845 to 1945 | Issue 1

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DER GEIST, The Journal of Egoism from 1845 – 1945 VOLUME 1 NUMBER 1 WINTER 2017 (Published 25 October 2017) Paperback, 160 pages, fifteen dollars ISBN 978-1-944651-08-5 April 1st, 2016 heralded in the beginning of, and on October 25th, 2017 they announced its official journal: Der Geist. 160 pages of new and reprinted rare material. Including original scholarship and essays and images not seen for many dacades, Der Geist is unparalleled for researching the history of the idea that crystallized in the magnum opus of Max Stirner: Egoism. Featured in this issue we have the fist part of a history of Stirner's book in the English language, the first translation of George Brandes 1902 introduction to the Dutch edition of Der Einzige, a significiant biographical sketch of Dora Marsden, and even the first modern published photograph of the elusive Ragnar Redbeard, author of the incendiary tract Might is Right. Edited by Trevor Blake, author of Confessions of a Failed Egoist, Max Stirner Bibliography and others.

Contents of this issue:
Introduction | Trevor Blake
“I” | Clarence Lee Swartz
A Brief Travelogue of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum | Kevin I. Slaughter
An Ego Englished: Anglicizing Der Einzige | Kevin I. Slaughter
I’ve Based My Cause ’Pon Nothing | Max Stirner & H. J. Schirmer
Preface to Den Eneste Og Hans Ejendom | Georg Brandes & Svein Olav Nyberg
Max Stirner Bibliography Addendum for 2017 | Trevor Blake
Dora Marsden: Her Time, Her Life, Her Thoughts | Trevor Blake
Dora Marsden and the Wrath of the Antis | Trevor Blake
Vanoc II: The Strange Watchmaker | Trevor Blake
Our Handbook: The Ego and Our Own | Vanoc II Self Love | Maurice Cranston
Benjamin DeCasseres: A (Con)Founding Fortean | Joshua Blu Buhs
Kept | Benjamin DeCasseres
Max Stirner | Benjamin DeCasseres
The Ego | Malfew Seklew
Laughter | Malfew Seklew
Gems of Thought | Malfew Seklew
Unhatched Egos... | Malfew Seklew
Malfew Seklew, Street Fakir | Warren Van Valkenburgh
The Superites Admit They Are the Best Extant | Malfew Seklew
Malfew Seklew: Horse, Traps, Gigs, Landaus and Cabs | Trevor Blake
The Sleeping and Singing Sirfessor | Trevor Blake
The Dill Pickle Club: A Bright Spot In a Somber Town | Trevor Blake
Du-Dil-Duk | Trevor Blake
American Address: V. F. Gordon | Trevor Blake
Egoists in the News | Trevor Blake
“‘Individualism’ in the Mid-Nineteenth Century” | David Westling
Fight Club 1914 | Trevor Blake
Is Shakespeare Dead? | Mark Twain
The Altruist Corner | Trevor Blake
Egoists on Democracy | Trevor Blake
First Photograph of Ragnar Redbeard | Trevor Blake
A Unique Conversation | Kevin I. Slaughter & Trevor Blake

Issue 1 - Winter 2017
Issue 2 - Winter 2018
Issue 3 - Spring 2020
Issue 4 - Spring 2021

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