Sorceries and Scandals of Satan

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In 1917, progressive essayist Henry M. Tichenor destroyed Christianity by writing this book. While Christian priests and ministers convince gullible masses that Satan is the source of evil in our world, Tichenor shows the truth – that it has been the followers of Jehovah who have wrought the greatest suffering, death, injustice and tyranny upon the earth.

paperback : ISBN13: 978-0-9830314-0-6 | ISBN10: 0-9830314-0-1
6×9, 176 pages

Underworld Amusements is proud to announce the release of a long-forgotten historic masterpiece of anti-religious social commentary, “The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan“. Henry M. Tichenor was a writer and magazine editor prominent in the socialist and freethinking movements during the Progressive Era of American history. His writings frequently condemned organized religion, Christianity in particular, as a tool used by the upper classes to maintain control over the working class. In the realm of opposition to religion, he has been ranked beside Clarence Darrow and Madalyn Murray O’Hair as a leading American freethinker of the twentieth century. In “The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan”, Tichenor employs the figure of Satan as a literary symbolic character to represent rebellion against tyranny — a symbolism with a robust tradition in literature and political works. In his book, the character symbol of Satan is employed as a foil against which to compare the horrors of organized religion, especially Christianity More importantly, however, Tichenor reminds us all that there was a time in American history that open skepticism and opposition to religion was a major facet of social political discourse so American’s certainly should not shy away from it today. Vocal opposition to religion is not novel or new.

Released on the 122nd Anniversary of the publishing of Nietzsche’s ”The Anti-Christ“, and the 2nd Annual International Blasphemy Rights Day – a commemoration of the publishing of the Danish cartoons of Muhammad.

Contents Foreword 9
The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan 27
Prologue 33
1. The War that was Fought in Heaven 37
2. Satan Wanders the Earth 49
3. Some of Satan’s Sinners and Jehovah’s Saints 57
4. Satan and his Transformations 70
5. Our Inspired Insanity 86
6. The Wonders of Christianity 99
7. Enchantments, Transformations and Familiar Spirits 107
8. Where Did Satan Come From? 118
9. Satan’s Sorceries in New England 128
10. Massachusetts Under the Rein of the Doctors of Delusion 142
11. From the Beast to the Human 168
Works by Henry M. Tichenor 172

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