"At the Organ, 1959" | Mori's Point Inn Souvenir Limited Edition T-shirt

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The year is 1959, and he is cruising down historic U.S. 101 from San Francisco. The crisp air from the Bay blows through a mop of curly coal black hair—it would still be several years before he immersed his razor in the waters of Zamzam. He'd been hustling work here and there, tickling the ivory and the girls at burlesque houses, snapping a few crime scene photos for the police and even taking the "nut calls" the cops didn't want to deal with. Now, his wife and daughter are at home and he's got to make ends meet. Twenty miles down the road, he finally sees it: Mori's Point Inn, the hippest cocktail joint on the peninsula.

Tonight is special, because Mori's has been hyping him as the hottest young organ player to make the scene. Before leaving, he'd clipped out one of the ads from the paper: "The Popular Anton La Vey at the organ (specialist in the calliope)." It wouldn't be the biggest gig he'd ever play, but still a significant stop along the way to "The Great Szandor" cementing his infamous legacy. The drinks are going to flow, the girls are going to dance, and he's going to turn Mori's Point into fat city!

These performances are lost to time, but now you can recreate a memory like this with our souvenir-style t-shirt. Featuring a two-color, front and back design based on authentic promotional advertisements that ran in Bay Area papers in 1959. Don't be a square, goose it down to Mori's Point Inn and join the party!

Introducing a special addition to the "Phantom Peregrination Souvenirs" line of t-shirts: a tribute to remarkable places and events of the past that, though real, never had the chance to boast official keepsakes. Our collection immortalizes these unsung places and objects of history, offering a tangible memento for those who appreciate the beauty of the overlooked.

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