Dirty Reader

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Title retired in August 2023.

Some of the worst erotic writing, coupled with the editing of someone who has to have been illiterate, illustrated by the lousiest photography, and printed in the cheapest manner possible, to be sold from under the counter and hidden away or tossed out with little ceremony. This describes the production, distribution and consumption of what have only been known as "Readers", and very little is known apart from that. Published randomly around the 1930’s and 40’s, though dating them with any precision is impossible. They had exorbitant prices printed on the covers, along with claims to have been from remote locales and fanciful sounding publishing houses. Increasingly rare, these original booklets will fetch a pretty penny, but after years of collecting, this volume of almost 600 pages presents the facsimile contents of fifteen of these ridiculous, funny, sometimes offensive and even occasionally titillating booklets.

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