Ernst Jünger: Between the Gods & the Titans | Alain de Benoist

Ernst Jünger: Between the Gods & the Titans | Alain de Benoist

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Ernst Jünger (1895–1998) was a soldier, an adventurer, and one of the most prolific and celebrated European writers of the twentieth century. Jünger's most famous works are his First World War memoir Storm of Steel (1920), his treatise on technology and modernity The Worker (1932), and his dystopian novel On the Marble Cliffs (1939).

Alain de Benoist has written an ideal introduction to Jünger's long life and vast body of work. Benoist illuminates the central figures in Jünger's works: the Soldier, the Worker, the Rebel, and the Anarch. Benoist devotes special attention to The Worker , as well as Jünger's debts to Nietzsche and Spengler, his relationship to the German Conservative Revolutionary movement, and his dialogues with Heidegger, Drieu la Rochelle, and his brother Friedrich Georg Jünger.

Benoist's volume is not just a scholarly survey of the history of ideas, for he also draws upon his friendship and correspondence with Jünger. This volume invites you to join their conversation.


Editor's Note 

  1. The Figure of the Worker Between the Gods & the Titans
  2. Soldier, Worker, Rebel, Anarch: Types & Figures in Jünger's Writing
  3. Jünger, Heidegger, & Nihilism
  4. The Jünger-Heidegger Correspondence
  5. Jünger & Drieu
  6. Ernst Jünger & the French New Right


About the Author

About the Author

Alain de Benoist (b. 1943) is a political philosopher and historian of ideas. The author of a hundred books and thousands of articles, his recent books include The Man Who Had No Father. The Jesus File ( The Man Who Had No Father: The Jesus File ) (Krisis, 2021), Surviving Misinformation ( La Nouvelle Librairie, 2021), and Against the Spirit of the Times: Explanations ( Against the Spirit of the Age: Explanations ) (The New Bookstore, 2022).

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