Gender Psychosis | Jim Goad | Signed

Gender Psychosis | Jim Goad | Signed

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“GENDER PSYCHOSIS” is a term used to describe a formally recognized mental illness involving a society-wide break from reality where people get so demented trying to figure out what their genitals mean, NOTHING makes sense anymore.

It’s a strange new world where men need tampons, get their balls waxed, and breastfeed their kids.

Where “homophobia” is a more heinous crime than knowingly infecting someone with HIV. Where fear of being called “homophobic” leads people to pretend that Ellen Degeneres is funny.

Where women falsely accuse men of rape and justify it because of, you know, history and stuff.

Where women bark so loudly from their vaginas that everyone needs earplugs.

Where ugly men blame beautiful women for the fact that ugly men can’t get laid.

Where it is established as a scientific fact. beyond a whisper of doubt, from here to eternity, that being weird doesn’t necessarily make you sexy.

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