Homesick for Eternity | ManWoman

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Haunting paintings, accompanied by exquisite poems and prose, show rare moments of spontaneous ecstasy and intimacy with the divine.

This book shows the shock, the astonishment, the heartache of a spiritual awakening in a society fixated on the worldly.

A whirlwind of spiritual change, a vision, a mission.

The story of the artist's transformation into ManWoman -- the joy and the torment of his journey. He struggled with overwhelming feelings of homesickness for eternity.
Spiritual Emergency

"Mimi couldn't take it anymore. She felt abandoned. I was not the man she knew. I slept on the floor beside my easel instead of in bed with her. I dug a grave in the backyard and buried my old self. I carved a tomb- stone and put a notice of death on the back door. I frightened her - me plunging boldly into the unknown -her trying to raise our family and have a normal home. She hated my new name Man Woman and never took it on her lips! Mimi hated my tattoos, especially my third eye. I wanted to be a responsible mate but I was unable to resist the whirlpool of spiritual transformation that pulled at me."

"In this book the remarkable artist shows us in simple, yet beautiful prose and profoundly moving mystical paintings the stream of events that transformed a 'normal' beer-guzzling, girl-chasing, car-crazy Canadian youth into ManWoman, one of the most remarkable mystic artists of his time." Baba Raul Canizares

The 40 hauntingly beautiful paintings in this autobiography express man's longing to go home to God. Not the repressive God of organized religion, but the sacred, loving spirit that creates mankind and the universe. ManWoman's art takes you to that place of eternal peace.

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