Infernalia | Michael Rose

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Two-fisted essays on the application and explication of the world’s most feared religion—Satanism. This collection of more than sixty no-nonsense pieces by Magister Michael Rose features writing originally from various independent periodicals, covering more than two decades, and finished with a Satanic ritual dedicated to Sir Francis Dashwood of the infamous Hellfire Club. Introduced by the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, Infernalia has been revised and expanded into this third edition.
“You’ll find that amidst the excoriations there are flashes of sardonic humor and even touches of poetic vision...” -Magus Peter H. Gilmore “At first glance you might think the essays and articles you are about to read are just a trip down memory lane. Far from that, they are gemstones of the day, full of luster, subjects that still hold sway to this day, and give you an insight into the mind of not only a Satanist, but a high ranking member of the Priesthood of Mendes. Sharp and direct, with a no prisoners taken approach.” -Magister George Sprague

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