Mother, Have A Safe Trip | Carl Abrahamsson

Mother, Have A Safe Trip | Carl Abrahamsson

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Unearthed plans and designs stemming from radical inventor Nikola Tesla could solve the world’s energy problems. These plans suddenly generate a vortex of interest from various powers. Thrown into this maelstrom of international intrigue is Victor Ritterstadt – a soul searching magician with a mysterious and troubled past. From Berlin, over Macedonia, and all the way to Nepal, Ritterstadt sets out on an outer as well as inner quest. Espionage, love, UFOs, magic, telepathy, conspiracies, LSD, and more in this shocking story of a world about to be changed forever…

“It’s a thrilling roller coaster ride through psychedelic adventures, juicy romantic interludes, metaphoric dreamscapes, high Himalayan yoga enclaves, telepathic portals, 60’s flashbacks, magical constructs, secret government pursuits and many more twists that kept all three of my eyes open. It’s a story that you’ll definitely want to keep non-stop reading, which I enthusiastically recommend.”
– George Douvris, Links by George

“Mother, Have A Safe Trip is a highly entertaining and thought-provoking novel. Chock-full of psychedelia, the book is also a much welcome addition to the far too few fictional works published dealing with psychedelic culture.”
– Henrik Dahl, Psychedelic Press

“The dialogues are great. But it’s too short. I wanted more.”
– Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Artist

”It’s a wonderful read. A lovely book.”
– June Newton/Alice Springs, Photographer

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