Outbursts of Everett True | Condo, Raper & Blake

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by Condo & Raper introduction by Trevor Blake 6x9, 280 pages, $16.95
HERE IS A MAN WHO WOULD NOT TAKE IT. We have forgotten about Everett True, a man who attended with prejudice to those most deserving—the daily pests. Sure, superheroes may have stopped crimes and Popeye may have known his share of dust-ups. But what about the million annoying twerps who don’t break the law, but instead stomp on the social contract? When do they get theirs? Everett had no superpowers nor can of spinach, just a keen sense of human nature and the will to reward it but good. Everett True wished to live a simple life. He wished to go about his day without being unnecessarily bothered. His success then was not far from your own today. From loud-mouths in the theater to the overly pushy salesman, from the incessantly bothersome co-worker to the sidewalk hoggers, there’s always some do-gooder who needs done in. You and I might take it on the chin, but Everett gives it on the noggin with interest. Outbursts of Everett True rarely strays from a natural formula: the pest impinges on Everett, Everett clobbers the pest. Far from repetitive, the rhythm reveals the timeless truth that the line between justice and revenge is a phantom’s dream. Away with pity for the braggart, the inconsiderate, the assuming, the imposing, the blowhards, those cruel to animals and all the other pushy clods who would turn a perfectly pleasant day into a trial. Here are the best and brassiest Outbursts of Everett True. Many are reprinted for the first time since they were created by A. D. Condo and J. W. Raper, beginning in 1905. Outbursts of Everett True also packs the one-two punch of rare bibliographical information about the creators. Let Trevor Blake reintroduce our hero to a world ever more crowded with louts. Here is a man who stood up.
"Everett True, what an amazing super hero! I tore through the book and immediately made a list of all the people I want to buy it for: my father, my son, my best friend, my neighbor... I am no Everett True myself (I'd be in prison for multiple assaults) but he is nonetheless... true. He is true. If there is any man capable of, for instance, forcing J.R. "Bob" Dobbs to extinguish his obnoxious stinking Pipe in mixed company, it would be Everett True." -Rev. Ivan Stang, Church of the SubGenius

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