Spiritual Journeys and Destinations of an Anarchist | Peter Lamborn Wilson | Two Volume Set

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A collection of little seen (or un published) writings from one of the most interesting, well traveled, controversial, iconoclastic thinkers of his time.

Spiritual Journeys of an Anarchist 
Included are an interview (done by Antero Alli) originally published in Raven magazine in 1994, "The Caravan of Summer" originally in Gnosis in 1996, "My Summer Vacation in Afghanistan", "Roses and Nightingales," and "Grange Appeal," all published in Fifth Estate in the early 2000s, and a previously unpublished interview done with High Times.

Table of Contents

Summer Camp & Hobo Poetics
Interview by Antero Alli
The Caravan of Summer
My Summer Vacation in Afghanistan
Roses and Nightingales
Grange Appeal
1994 interview with High Times

Spiritual Destinations of an Anarchist 
The second of two books of little-known or never-before-printed pieces by Peter Lamborn Wilson, on his travels, interviews, life, and cogitations.

Table of Contents

Chaos, Eros, Earth, and Old Night
Spiritual Anarchism (topics for research)
Anarchist Religion
Quantum Chaos and the Oneness of Being
Anarchy and Ecstasy
Evil Eye
Against Metaphor
Secrets of the Assassins
Secular Antinomian Anabaptist Neo-Luddism
Interview with INTO-GAL
Phone Interview with Jacob Eichert
Stain Your Prayer Carpet with Wine

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