The Lost Tune | Stanislav Szukalski

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168 pages, Hardcover
Black and white photographs throughout
8.75″ x 9.65″ x 0.75″, 9780867198980
Stanislav Szukalski

The photos in this volume were printed from the original glass negatives taken by the artist between 1913 and 1930.

This is the second edition of Stanislav Szukalski's The Lost Tune.

The first edition was produced to complement the exhibit Szukalski: The Lost Genius, held between August 3 and October 22, 1990 at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago.

With the addition of over a dozen photos, this new edition is a collection of prints of almost all of Szukalski's existing glass negatives. The negatives have been scanned in high resolution and meticulously reproduced and printed. This edition has a larger format than the first edition, and includes a comprehensive article on the historical and artistic merit of Szukalski’s early photography.

Cover and Book Design by Piet Schreuders, Amsterdam
Edited by Glenn Bray and Lena Zwalve
Additional research and translations by Jakub Paczek
Scans by Glenn Bray
Second edition, newly revised and expanded.
First printing. Printed in Belgium.
Published by Last Gasp of San Francisco
ISBN-13: 978-0-86719-898-0



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