Threnody For Humanity | Peter H. Gilmore | CD

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Adversary Recordings released this CD in 2003, containing 10 tracks of electronic orchestral music by Peter H. Gilmore, current High Priest of the Church of Satan. The tracks were originally for various sources, from b-grade horror movies to a ballet. Some of the tracks were used in the documentary Death Scenes 2, released in 1992. Directed by Nick Bougas, it was the follow-up to the first film that was narrated by the former High Priest, Anton Szandor LaVey. Magus Gilmore’s music is an electronic symphony, playing on the themes of misanthropy, destiny, and triumphal marches. The artist Stephen Kasner has produced all original artwork for the cover, booklet and traycard of the release. This work is quite impressive, and a fitting accompaniment to the music.

1 Eternal War
2 Man's Destiny
3 That Which Is Falling
4 Requiem To Morrow
5 Consciousness Raising
6 Fate & Folly
7 Let Us Prey
8 Epiphany
9 Legend's End
10 Rise

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